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Spanish cosmetics  Skeyndor.

CORRECTIVE - lifting treatments ( Botox alternative ).


Skeyndor Spanish company was founded in 1966. During its existence it has entered into dozens of leading beauty brands for the excellent quality of its products thanks to a close collaboration with several medical departments of the University of Barcelona (the University of Barcelona). Front pharmacists , dermatologists and biochemists continually improve, develop and test new ingredients and textures to achieve better results in the professional cosmetics.


Modern and unique program designed to correct for age and wrinkles Improves skin quality, which reaches through the action of concentrated peptide composition is myorelaxantů. Součástí viper venom. Aquatherm - hydrating and toning the skin. Program for intensive moisturizing and toning dry, sensitive skin. Ideal for irritated skin prone to allergic reactions. Part of the composition of the thermal water which contains 25 basic oligo minerals in the form of ions, prebiotic carbohydrates, aramids, and various plant extracts.