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BIO Phyto Council.

Care for sensitive , irritated and problematic skin kuperozni

The basis of this series is a unique combination of herbs , fruit acids , minerals and vitamins, which significantly improves blood microcirculation in the skin, restores elasticity and strength of blood vessels. Thanks to disappear Microthrombi old and naturally normalize the oxygen in the tkáních.To everything to efficiently solve aesthetic problems of the skin:

(irritable, tired, pale face - thin and sensitive skin - structure defects and color - oily, dry seborrhea - acne , premature aging - postakné - kuperóza ( telangiectasia ) )

BIO PHYTO - enhance immunity SKIN

Comfortable treatment, which takes only 30 minutes, gives a feeling of freshness throughout the day. Medicinal herbs, fruit acids, minerals and vitamins significantly improve blood microcirculation in the skin, restores elasticity of blood vessels " vascular gymnastics", dissolves old Microthrombi and saturates the skin with oxygen. This helps to effectively address the following skin problems: pale, tired skin defects textures and colors, oily, dry seborrhea, acne, post- acne, premature aging.


ANTI - seborrhea

The treatment is suitable for dry skin with seborrhoea, seborrheic dermatitis ( oily skin with peeling, hypersensitive). During treatment used BioPhyto Peeling, which improves microcirculation , and mask BioPhyto Soothing Zaatar Mask with cod liver oil provides a significant calming effect. Immediately after treatment, the skin is softer, removes peeling, itching and redness. Recommended treatment 10 treatments , once a week. As a home care is recommended BioPhyto Skin Balance lotion, cream BioPhyto Zaatar Cream or serum LineRepair Theraskin.


Council WISH

Rejuvenation, lifting and correction of age changes ( 40 +)

This exclusive treatment will help restore youthful appearance and beauty mature skin. With age our skin loses its rejuvenating and protective properties of the skin, had the first signs of aging: light wrinkles, pigmentation, reduce the tone and change the contours of the face.


WISH series is based on the innovative results of scientific research. WISH preparations based on phytoestrogens , powerful antioxidants and Myorelaxants counteract the visible traces of aging, help to relax and smooth out facial wrinkles , promote collagen and restore skin's youthful appearance. Among other things, stimulate the natural mechanisms of skin aging. These changes occur in the inner layers of the skin, lifting and rejuvenation and correction , then the skin becomes truly rejuvenated both functionally and appearance. Preparations have excellent whitening , brightening and lifting effect.